Information Security Basic Policy

In order to provide new services and unique products and contribute to the development of digital technology, we believe that it is important to protect the information assets entrusted to us by our customers and our own information assets from threats. We will establish a basic policy and promote it in a company-wide effort.
・We establish information security management system and strive to properly manage information assets.
・We take measures to prevent unauthorized intrusion, leakage, falsification, loss, theft, destruction, etc. of information assets.
・We regularly conduct the training necessary to ensure information security.
・We comply with laws and other rules related to information security.
・We will continuously review and improve the above activities.

Privacy policy

Based on our management philosophy, we aim to gain the satisfaction and trust of our customers by delivering excellent verification technology and services to society. As part of this, we will implement the following measures to appropriately protect and handle customer personal information.

1. We appoint a person responsible for personal information protection in each organization and work to strictly manage such information.

2. We will ask customers to provide personal information within an appropriate scope after informing them of the purpose of use and the point of contact for inquiries.

3. We will use a customer personal information only for the purposes agreed in advance.

4. We will not provide or disclose a customer’s personal information to a third party unless we have obtained the customer’s prior consent or are permitted by law.

5. If a customer wishes to inquire about his/her own personal information, please contact the person in charge and we will respond appropriately.

6. We will strive to ensure and improve security in order to safely manage personal information.

7. We will comply with relevant laws and regulations and other rules, and strive to continuously improve and enhance our efforts to protect personal information in line with changes in the environment.